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Welcome to Phoneypony Tattoos

PhoneyPony Tattoos came be a couple years after the start of PhoneyPony Barbers. The artists that came to be part of the team made the space their own. With an organic feel to the space it leaves people feeling welcomed and calm for the pain they are about to receive. That’s tattoos! They do hurt a bit.

Our artist each have their own unique style and take on this old school art. From bold colour to delicate mandala, there is something for everyone. We pride ourselves on the honesty and creativity of our artists, always trying to get the best design for the client.

Each artist has their own books and work one on one with consultations. So, if there is anything on their boards or social media that’s catches you eye don’t hessite to contact the via email or dm on Instagram

Meet our talented tattooists Joe, Louise and Manths

Yo! My name is Louise and I’m 24. Born and bred in Essex, I’ve been tattooing since 2017 but been in the industry since 2016.

I first was interested in art and tattooing from a young age, having my first (and worst) tattoo done at the age of 14. From school, I went on to study graphic design. I started my tattoo apprenticeship back in 2016 whilst studying at uni and working part time. I realised quickly that Graphic Design was pants and wasn’t what I wanted to do, so in my second year of uni I went out looking for an apprenticeship.


I originally started with learning traditional colour tattoos and slowly progressed into adding more detail in my work. This then naturally grew into more of a neo-traditional style. I then started experimenting with blackwork/dotwork in my work until eventually this was what I was tattooing every day. This is my favourite style in tattooing as I can mix elements of realism and traditional into my work.


In the future I’d love to start doing more guest spots and conventions whilst travelling as I love to explore new places and cultures. I’d love to eventually open my own private studio where people can come to hang out and genuinely have a whole experience – not just a tattoo to remember it by. Imagine pool tables, art/craft classes, slush puppy machines, tattoos and good vibes. Looking forward to doing some more crazy tattoos and meeting you! Thanks for reading x

Hey What’s up!

My name’s Manth, I’m 24 and from Essex. I’ve been tattooing since June 2017, but started my journey a year before that in Australia working as a studio assistant/apprentice. I’ve always been madly obsessed with tattoos; My parents used to tell me off as a little kid for drawing all over my skin but regardless, I knew it was still what I wanted to do.


I began fine tuning my skills here in England and really got the feel for the trade. I was really eager to get going so I was tattooing any style that was given to me.

Through varied styles I found that neo traditional was my favoured style and Although colour is what I’m more known for I do also love doing blackwork, script and fineline work. A big proud moment for myself would be when I made it into the top 15 artists in Essex after just 2 years in the trade. 


One day (as like many others) I’d like to work in my own studio, or just work with a really great bunch of artists… much like my team here at PhoneyPony and create some really amazing art every day.  I’d really love to take my work to even more countries, do more guest spots and conventions to push my boundaries and be the best artist I can be.


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