PhoneyPony Barbers
17 Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM20BX

01245 265555

Welcome to Phoneypony Tattoos

PhoneyPony Tattoos came be a couple years after the start of PhoneyPony Barbers. The artists that came to be part of the team made the space their own. With an organic feel to the space it leaves people feeling welcomed and calm for the pain they are about to receive. That’s tattoos! They do hurt a bit.

Each artist has their own books and work one on one with consultations. So, if there is anything on their boards or social media that’s catches you eye don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet our artist Gabs & Sass

For all enquiries message her on @gabyrayner

Hi I’m Gabs I’ve been tattooing since 2018 perfecting my style working around Essex.

Before collaborating with Phoney Pony, I’d worked in two studios beforehand. Since setting up this welcoming studio at Phoney Pony I have taken on @sass_tatts as my apprentice learning the art I have developed over the years.

Sass & myself pride the studio on delivering an all inclusive comfortable environment with a passion for creating our own unique styles of work. While also listening to our clients needs.

We pride ourselves in making custom bespoke pieces for our clients, And making your time with as meaningful as your tattoo

Hi! My name is Suphansa, also known as “@SassTatts”

I started my journey as a Tattoo apprentice at PhoneyPony Tattoo in August 2022. Having a degree in the creative field (Fashion Design) I decided to pursue another career I enjoyed and still use my artistic skills and passion for design,

I’ve been very lucky to have @GabyRayner as my mentor. With her guidance, I have been able to develope my own style of tattooing.

Always progressing with every piece and offering a fun and relaxed environment for both me and you x