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Welcome to Phoneypony Tattoos

PhoneyPony Tattoos came be a couple years after the start of PhoneyPony Barbers. The artists that came to be part of the team made the space their own. With an organic feel to the space it leaves people feeling welcomed and calm for the pain they are about to receive. That’s tattoos! They do hurt a bit.

Our artist each have their own unique style and take on this old school art. From bold colour to delicate mandala, there is something for everyone. We pride ourselves on the honesty and creativity of our artists, always trying to get the best design for the client.

Each artist has their own books and work one on one with consultations. So, if there is anything on their boards or social media that’s catches you eye don’t hessite to contact the via email or dm on Instagram

Meet our artist Gabs
For all enquiries message her on @gabyrayner

Art was always my favourite subject growing up & throughout school so I continued it into college & studied fine art.


I got hooked on the idea of becoming a tattooist when my uncle brought me my first tattoo machine when I was 17 along with fake skins, also I was obsessed with LA Ink & would always watch it growing up. Leaving college & looking into careers tattooing was always the one I was captivated by. Not long after that I got my tattooing apprenticeship at the age of 18 & haven’t looked back.


My favourite styles are dot work, whip shading & minimalistic tattoos. I’ve still got so much to learn & with great people I have met through tattooing I’m super excited for my future! I am so grateful I have met so many amazing people since starting my career who have allowed & trusted me to put my art on them which I will be forever thankful for.

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