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Welcome to Phoneypony Barbers

So how did it all begin? PhoneyPony Barbers opened its doors in August 2017. The idea for the shop was to create a unique environment that was comfortable for anyone to come in and feel welcome. The shops style is what we like to call a “random, eclectic, collection of toot!” there is something in there that everybody will know and recognise.

We wanted to offer a barbering service that catered for the modern to the classic gent. So if you want a modern fade to a classic pomp we can deliver! Even a mullet is on the table if that floats your boat. We have four talented barbers that pride themselves on pursuing their own knowledge to keep bettering their own skills. This is so important in this industry as style and trends are always changing. But we also know our classic roots to create solid foundations that create longevity in our cuts and beards.

With our old school vibe we listen to our clients to give you the very best service

I’ve been barbering for one 10 months and working in such a creative environment have learnt skills very quickly.

The shop was looking for an apprentice at the time and I was coming into the shop to get my haircut and knew the guys in the shop pretty well, Jen asked if I wanted to give it ago and see what happened and the rest is history!

I love cutting classic cuts as I feel they never get old and stand the test of time, I’m also very inspired by the 50s era in how I dress and music tastes so just don’t think you can beat a classic done well!

First and foremost the gents that jump in my chair I want to feel amazing when they leave it and just want them to have the best experience and haircut possible and feel great when they leave, after that it’s always nice for your peers to be recognize your quality of work

My name is Jacob, I’m 23 and from Ireland,  I’ve been cutting hair from the age of 17.  

I started in ladies hair, training under some very good teachers and my own mother. I think this is where I caught the bug for doing hair! 

But something was missing and after my first day in a barbershop, I knew that’s where I belonged, so much so that I can’t even call it work anymore. 

After a few years working in my home town of Derry and in Belfast, in 2019 I met Jenny, who asked me to join the team at PhoneyPony and naturally I didn’t need to think twice.

So now in PhoneyPony, I couldn’t be happier and every day brings new knowledge, particularly in classic barbering.   before arriving at PhoneyPony, I was almost exclusively a ‘modern barber’ but I can now say that I just love ‘Classic’ styling.  

And being able to showcase this new found knowledge in front of many industry professionals at the Great British Barber Bash, in both Liverpool and Glasgow.  

These have been the biggest achievements of my career.

In the future I think I’d like to continue down the showcasing route, many like me would maybe like their own shop, but I’m not too fussed. My main goal is to do more editorial work, for magazines and maybe film or photoshoots. 


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