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PhoneyPony Barbers
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We don't believe in paying extra for your gender

Welcome to Phoneypony Barbers

So how did it all begin? PhoneyPony Barbers opened its doors in August 2017. The idea for the shop was to create a unique environment that was comfortable for anyone to come in and feel welcome. The shops style is what we like to call a “random, eclectic, collection of toot!” there is something in there that everybody will know and recognise.

We want to offer a barbering service that caters for men and women and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on being a safe environment for the LGBTIQA+ community. So if you want a modern fade to a classic pomp we can deliver! Even a mullet is on the table if that floats your boat. We are four talented barbers that pride ourselves on pursuing our own knowledge to keep evolving our own skills. This is so important in this industry as style and trends are always changing. But we also know our classic roots to create solid foundations that create longevity in our cuts and beards.

Our Team

With our old school vibe we listen to our clients to give you the very best service


I’m Jen Winters. I’m the proud owner on Phoneypony Babers. I have been cutting hair for 18 years now and still loving every second of it!

I am the proud lead global ambassador of Kingbrown Pomade. This has given me the opportunity to educate around the world. Such as America, Mexico and Canada.

In 2018 I won the great British barber of the year. Since then I have cut hair in many venues in-front of hundreds of barbers to demonstrate my techniques and idea.

I have an amazing staff that share my passion and drive for hair with. I like to push them to become the best barbers they can be. I have also had the privilege to cut hair as a team at Salon International in London. A proud moment for the us!

We here at phoneypony are diverse, as well as our clients. From men, women, drag queens, trans, no binary and everyone yet to decide. We welcome all in to our chairs. With the skills we have developed and mastered we all want to give you the best cut we have to offer.

We want you to feel to the dogs whatit’s when you leave our chair! We want you to feel heard and accepted in our shop. That is all that matters to us as a team!


Hi I’m Jacob, manager at phoneypony, originally from Ireland, I moved to England in 2019, with around a decades experience in the hair industry under my belt, i was lucky to join the very inclusive team here at phoneypony barbers and bring my knowledge of modern stylings Into an already well established classic styling environment.

To date, my time in England and at phoneypony have brought many great opportunities from working with ‘modern barber magazine’ both on stage and a feature in print, to more recently working with ‘kingbrown pomade’ as a brand ambassador.

So If you like an inclusive environment, a good laugh, mixed with scatterings of  70s and 80s disco and some cool haircuts to match, my chair is where you wanna be.



I’m Abs Fleming and I have been barbering for around 2 years, I started in the hair industry at 16 in a hairdressing salon and later realised a barbering atmosphere would be better suited too me. I started at Phoney Pony as a Saturday girl and absolutely loved it so I eventually worked my way up to a barber. I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to perform on the modern magazine stage alongside Jen and Jacob at 18, and later represented dart pro clipper at salon international and great British barber bash.

My favourite haircuts are definitely classic, anything ranging from a pompadour, executive contour to a flattop!



Hey I’m Ben, after having a five year job interview sitting in Jen’s chair, I became a barber myself and now I have my own chair! I love what I do, It’s the best feeling in the world making someone smile when they look at themselves in the mirror.  I have the awesome opportunity of working alongside the Phoney Pony team and from doing so I have created my own hybrid style.

Classics will always have my heart as it’s what I was taught first but I’m no stranger to a quirky retro cut. So if you’re looking for something clean with a bit of jazz I’m your man! My time so far at Phoney Pony has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what opportunities will open up now as an up and coming barber!


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